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“Blue zones” are areas of the world the place folks dwell significantly longer lives. On these territories we are able to discover octogenarians, nonagenarians and lots of centenarians, and even some supercentenarians (individuals who have reached the age of 110).

These areas had been named “blue zones” after the Belgian demographer Michel Poulain and the Italian physician Gianni Pes found a inhabitants with such options within the area of Barbaglia (Sardinia, Italy), and so they marked out the realm with blue ink.

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Who needs to dwell eternally?

A demographic research carried out originally of this century confirmed that one out of 196 individuals who had been born between 1880 and 1890 reached the age of 100 years previous.

In a while, the American researcher Dan Buettner launched into a venture geared toward figuring out different areas with excessive longevity charges. He discovered 4 further areas. These had been additionally named “blue zones”: Okinawa (Japan), Icaria (Greece), Loma Linda (California) and Nicoya Peninsula (Costa Rica). In all these territories there’s a excessive proportion of long-lived folks, and every space is characterised by particular options which relate to that situation.

Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula is dwelling to the second-largest group of centenarians on the planet.
Marissa Strniste/Flickr, CC BY

Within the area of Barbaglia, situated within the Sardinian mountain space, there’s the world’s largest focus of centenarians. Okinawa Island is inhabited by the oldest ladies on Earth. Icaria – an island which is situated within the Aegean Sea – has the long-lived inhabitants with the bottom senile dementia ranges. Loma Linda is dwelling to a group of Seventh-day Adventists whose life expectancy is 10 years over the typical lifespan in the USA. And in Nicoya we are able to discover the second-largest group of centenarians on the planet.

What’s the secret behind this nice longevity; the thriller of the blue zones, the place so many centenarians dwell?

A workforce composed of a number of specialists (medical doctors, anthropologists, demographers, nutritionists, epidemiologists) – and led by Dan Buettner himself – travelled many instances to the completely different blue zones. They recognized the next 9 basic longevity elements, that are associated to eating regimen and life-style:

  1. intense and common bodily exercise within the efficiency of each day duties. The idea of a sedentary life-style is unknown to the folks residing in these areas

  2. having an “ikigai” – a Japanese phrase (Okinawa) which is used to outline our personal “causes for being” or, extra exactly, the explanation why we get up each morning

  3. discount of stress, an element which is intently linked to virtually all ageing-related ailments. Stress discount means interrupting the traditional tempo of our each day lives to be able to enable time for different actions that are a part of regular social habits. For instance, taking a nap in Mediterranean societies, praying within the case of Adventists, the tea ceremony of ladies in Okinawa, and so forth.

  4. “Hara hachi bu” – a Confucian educating which means we should always not proceed to eat till we’re full, however solely till 80% of our consuming capability

  5. prioritising a eating regimen that’s wealthy in plant-based merchandise. Meat, fish and dairy merchandise could also be consumed, however in decrease quantities

  6. a average consumption of alcoholic drinks, which confirms the perception that average drinkers dwell longer lives than nondrinkers

  7. partaking in social teams that promote wholesome habits

  8. partaking in spiritual communities with widespread spiritual practices

  9. constructing and sustaining strong relationships between members of the family: dad and mom, siblings, grandparents and others.

To sum up, the above 9 longevity elements may very well be synthesised in simply two.

Firstly, sustaining a wholesome life-style – which means common depth train, together with routines to “break” from each day stress, and together with primarily plant-based merchandise in our diets, consuming with out filling up and never ingesting excessively.

Secondly, integrating in teams that promote and help these “good practices”: household, spiritual communities, social teams, and so forth – all of which will need to have their very own “ikigai”, that’s, their very own “motive to dwell”. There’s a private “ikigai”, however there’s additionally a collective “ikigai” that units the objectives for every group in addition to the challenges to beat to be able to obtain them.

Residing this fashion means residing higher and longer. Longevity could also be decided by genetics, however it’s also one thing that may be skilled, as will be seen within the instance of the inhabitants of the blue zones.

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